What we offer

Many years in biotech and pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the US give us a broad expertise. We have been involved in almost all stages from drug discovery to post launch product management. We have worked with small and big companies, developing new drugs, innovative technologies, and medical devices.
The following are examples of what we have done in the past.

"We urgently need support for our program management team."

Broad project management expertise for short term and on demand project management needs

  • Example:  Managed successfully the preparation for the EMEA and FDA Pre-Approval Inspection for a drug-device combination product.

"We are a small biotech company, we secured our first deal with a large company. How do we start the project to ensure success?”

Skilled in establishing structures, processes, and expectations to ensure a successful completion of the project

  • Example:  Established project teams and steering committee for a joint development project between a large consumer products company and a small life science company; established guidelines for interaction; implemented a project website and a customer satisfaction feedback tool.

"We are a young company talking to potential investors. They want to do due diligence on us. How can we manage this?”

Experienced in managing due diligence efforts requested by law firms, financial institutions, consumer and pharmaceutical companies

  • Example:  Managed the due diligence effort for two venture rounds for a small life science company, both resulting in successful funding; established an electronic document depository for future due diligence efforts.

"We need to improve the efficiency of our project team."

Good people skills and experienced in identifying issues in many different types of projects early on and a good track record of fixing them

  • Example:  Alleviated communication issues due to cultural differences and improved overall collaboration for a development project between a large European pharmaceutical company and a mid size US life science company.

"I am the CEO of a small biotech company, but I am also a scientist and I need to spend more time on the technical side.”

Hands-on experience in developing marketing and PR strategies and material

  • Example:  Developed and managed the execution of a banner display system for a small life science company.

"We are a small emerging life science company; we have great technology, but what next?”

Broad knowledge from early-phase drug discovery to post-launch product management and the ability to turn ideas into products

  • Example:  Co-developed the business plan for a spin-out company.